Through our meats we tell stories of passions and traditions without ever forgetting the care for every detail, from the feeding of pigs, made only of food natural and genuine, breeding, respectful of the physiological needs of ours animals; from the meager selection of meats, to processing - which is done with techniques handed down “from father to son”; from the choice to the finest spice grinding, until a wise and slow seasoning and never forget to being a team, made up of real people who love their work, because passion is our strong point and it is our passion that makes the difference!


Hams are the main interpreters of the history and quality of Altobello Carni.

Obtained from the traditional processing of selected pork legs, they owe theirs value to the balance between a work of art and a perfect seasoning, favored by unique climatic and environmental conditions.


It is the typical salami of the internal area of ​​Abruzzo that borders on Molise where Altobello born, the Alto Vastese area.

The name derives from the use of the belly for the bagging and the main characteristic is given by the bright red color determined by the use of the pepper inside the dough. The pure pork meat is coarsely chopped, salted, spicy, bagged and subjected to a slow and adequate seasoning.


Ancient wisdom and a passion for good things come together in the highest expression of local tradition.

The meats are processed using techniques handed down from father to son and using meat choices of pork and spices carefully selected so as to guarantee a product that excels for thinness, digestibility and taste.


Altobello Carni sausages are born from the knowledge of a territory that has always known how to turn the pork into succulent products, combining natural products with processing handed down from generation to generation.

In addition to the classics, the range includes real specialties that marry the tradition with other typical local products, or that also use other parts of the pork, like liver sausage, tasty typical Abruzzo.


Not only hams, salamis and sausages: other delights obtained from cuts are born from the pig traditional details and processes.

From pig cheek to bacon, through lard, loin and capocollo it is a question of products that, alone or cooked, complete the overview of the thousand goodness that this animal knows how to give to lovers of good food, taste, tradition and, above all, of quality.