The history of Altobello Carni is intertwined with that of its founder: Altobello Iannone.

Men of race and with a determined character, with an endless passion for their own work. The story of Altobello Iannone is that of a self-made man who has tenaciously believed in what he had guessed as a great dream.

The stage of this adventure, San Giovanni di Tornareccio, saw him born in 1928 and saw the growth of this man who, shortly thereafter, would start his brilliant breeder activity.

The pigs of my farm must grow up healthy, otherwise where is the difference?

Altobello Iannone

If the activity of transformation and sale of the products was undertaken in 1986, it dates to 1989 the start of work for the construction of the current complex in San Giovanni, finished in 1994: on 8 March of that year, in fact, the first ham was salted in a technologically, very advanced and sustainable energy plant, where today ten employees and specialized technicians work.

After having handed over the company reins to his sons Francesco and Cinzia, Altobello Iannone passed away on January 31, 2014 at the age of 86, leaving sadness in those who knew him, and to a whole territory the legacy of a company that represents a real pride.

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