Almost seventy years have passed since the small company mill began to run at full speed to feed the two hundred pigs in a completely natural way that made up the breeding of Altobello Iannone.

It was 1950, the beginning of a story born of a great dream and which today competes on domestic and foreign markets, raising and selecting only healthy and controlled pigs, working the meat with ancient skill and modern competence, and delighting every day lovers of good food.


The only stage of this adventure is San Giovanni di Tornareccio, at the foot of the Monte Pallano, where marine and mountain currents cross about three times a day.

This is why in the hottest moments of the day we open our windows, to let our products breathe pure mountain air.

Today, more than ever, we are proud to bring our flavors to the world, thanks to their strength our origins and with an eye always on the future, with the awareness that nothing is impossible to achieve for those of us who accept new challenges every day.

Why choose our products


Our pigs are raised in conditions of well-being throughout the entire life cycle and we guarantee the exclusion of the use of antibiotics.

All our products are gluten free and lactose free.

We keep meticulous attention to avoid contamination with other products and continuous analysis certify it.

We cultivate acres of land entirely with corn, barley and wheat, along with others products purchased from local companies, represent the only food of ours pigs.

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