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Among the secrets behind the quality in Altobello Carni products there is the place where they are produced: Tornareccio. The village is located 630 metres above sea level, halfway between sea and mountains, like a balcony overlooking the Adriatic sea and below Monte Pallano (1081 metres); for this reason it enjoys a dry and breezy climate.

In the 1980s Altobello Iannone began planning the construction of a new plant, so he sought advice from an external expertise from San Daniele del Friuli, the land of hams, in order to locate the better place. All the conditions taken into account, with great skill and common sense, the expertise located in the area at the gates of San Giovanni the perfect place for build the plant: here sea and mountain’s air currents intersect three times a day and this encourages optimum oxygenation of products.

So the Altobello Carni butchery owes its quality to the successful location of the production plant which has been built in the area recommended by who knows a lot about climatic conditions, air currents and dying.

Visit www.meraviglieditornareccio.it.

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