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The supply chain


The quality of the Altobello Carni products comes from traditional processing and scrupulous care taken over every stage in the production process. The results are tasty sausages and hams made with skill and with no evidence of noxious substances such as antibiotics or drugs in general. Altobello Carni, therefore, has become a stable and successful company without forgoing hand-produced products that significantly differ from the industrial ones.

Feeding regime

The company has 62 hectares of land dedicated exclusively to the cultivation of corn, barley, wheat and bran that, together with soya meal and fresh pasta bought from local firms, are the only elements in the diet of Altobello Carni pigs.

Pig farm

About 4800 pigs per year are reared in an ideal environment, using tried and tested traditional farming techniques, with particular attention to balanced growth and animal welfare.

Selected partners

The pigs reared are not sufficient to cover the production requirements. Hence Altobello Carni selects with great care its partners among national or international farmers. Italian meat is intended for salami and other products while foreign meat is used for hams. In order for the suppliers to ensure the same feeding regime of pigs and the same farming conditions carried out in the Tornareccio plant, the company personally verifies the presence or absence of all requirements directly at the suppliers’ plants before any signature of contracts and during the pigs life cycle.

Pig slaughter

Until 2008 slaughter was practised internally. Since then, the company has employed a regional partner able to ensure quality in this important stage of the chain in a slaughterhouse that complies with all European and national health regulations.

Meat processing

This phase involves the local workers who are particularly familiar with salting of hams and processing of sausages. They use techniques handed down from father to son, linked to a long tradition according to which every local family used to raise their own pigs, butcher and transform them into many delicacies to be eaten.

Maturation phase

Maturation phase decides the final quality of the products. The plant is ideally located because of absence of moisture and optimal ventilation. Temperature and moisture are continuously monitored with sophisticated and technologically advanced systems that guarantee to Altobello Carni products perfect maturation


Having Altobello Carni already obtained the ECC mark certifying that its products comply with the essential safety requirements, the whole production process is currently monitored and certified by an in-house food technologist that oversees all phases, ensures that all quality requirements are met and takes action to overcome any critical issues. The company will be shortly certified with Brc British Retailer Consortium and Ifs International Food Standard, the certifications created by large retailers for suppliers to satisfy the need of consumers and authorities for guarantees on the quality and safety of food products. Through these standards it is possible to track the processing methods and verify that the hygiene requirements are met throughout the supply chain and ensure food safety and early risk management.